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Data Engineer



Software Engineering, Data Science
London, UK
Posted on Thursday, March 28, 2024

Data Engineer

🌍 Anywhere in the UK (Remote or Hybrid, we trust what works for you)

💰 £27,000 to £30,000 (dependent on experience)

⭐️ Our Perks ⭐️

❤️ Monthly Health & Wellness budget, increasing with length of service

📚 Annual Learning and Development budget

🤸🏽‍♂️ Flexible working in a choice-first environment - we trust the way you want to work

🏢 WFH Equipment (let us know what you need, and we’ll get it for you!)

🌴 25 Holiday Days + your local bank holidays, plus an extra day for every year of service

🎂 Your birthday off

🤒 Paid sick leave

🍼 Enhanced Family Leave - (UK Only)

⚕️ Optional healthcare plan

📈 The ability to share in the company’s success through options

🍿 Perks including discounts on cinema tickets, utilities and more

🎉 Annual Chattermill summits plus regular socials throughout the year

🌆 If you’re in London, a dog-friendly office with great classes, events, and a rooftop terrace

🦸‍♀️ The Role of Data Engineer

As our Data Engineer, you'll play a crucial part in integrating 3rd party customer data into our cutting-edge platform. You'll get hands-on experience with Python, Airbyte, DBT, Dagster, BigQuery, and Kafka, making you a key player in our data orchestration processes.

👉 What you'll be doing as Data Engineer:

  • Building integrations to import 3rd party customer data using Python and various data orchestration tools (Airbyte, DBT, Dagster, etc.).
  • Developing and maintaining data transformations and mappings, ensuring data integrity and efficiency.
  • Using Python to write and optimise data integration and transformation pipelines.
  • Working with BigQuery and Kafka to manage large-scale data.
  • Supporting and diagnosing issues within data pipelines to ensure seamless data flow.
  • Collaborating closely with team members on various data engineering tasks.

🧰 What you’ll need:

  • Data Expertise: A solid foundation in working with data is highly desirable, whether through a relevant degree, university-level projects, completion of a data-focused course, or equivalent work experience in a professional tech environment, such as a role as a data engineer, data analyst, or similar.
  • Coding Skills: Experience in Python and SQL coding is highly advantageous. Your ability to navigate and manipulate data through these languages will be an important part in this role.
  • Data Cleaning and Process Mapping: Demonstrated capability in cleaning and refining data, coupled with the ability to understand and map out processes.

It'd be a bonus if you have:

  • Knowledge or experience in other programming languages like Java, Scala, Golang, Rust, or Ruby.
  • Knowledge or experience in data engineering tools like Airbyte, DBT, Dagster, BigQuery, Kafka, and similar technologies is a significant bonus.
  • Familiarity with similar alternative technologies such as Airflow, Snowflake, Databricks, Redshift, Athena, Apache Spark, Fivetran, Prefect, Pandas, Polars, Parquet, DuckDB is also acceptable.

Chattermill - Who we are:

Co-founded by Mikhail Dubov and Dmitry Isupov in 2015 while at Entrepreneur First, Chattermill was born out of their frustration that it took weeks, sometimes months, for customer research to yield any quality insights. Often, these would be out of date by the time they reached decision-makers. And it was also financially out of reach for most companies.

When they started what eventually became Chattermill, they had a hunch that they could use the newly available tech of deep learning to help companies find insights amidst messy data. Their vision was to take what agencies and cutting-edge brands were doing by hand and automate it.

Today, our Unified Customer Intelligence platform is used by the world’s best-loved customer-centric companies including Uber, HelloFresh, Wise, and more, all of whom can now see, and act on their customer reality.

Our Mission & Vision

  • Our mission is to empower teams to see their customers reality
  • Our vision is to analyse over a billion pieces of customer feedback by 2027

🔎 Our Hiring Process

  1. Let’s introduce ourselves – you’ll have an introductory call with our Talent team - we’d love to learn more about you, your ambitions, and what you’re looking for in your next step.
  2. Show us what you are made of – you’ll complete a short task, which you’ll then run through on a call with the team
  3. Get to know your would-be team – you’ll have a call with your would-be manager, Dean Cornish (Engineering Manager - Data Platform), to learn more about the role and show off your experience
  4. How our values and your career goals align – you’ll have a call with our cofounder to learn more about life at Chattermill and ensure we’re the right place for your next stage of growth

💖 Our Values

  • We are obsessed with experience – We take our mission to rid the world of bad Customer Experience seriously, and we practice what we preach.
  • We believe in the power of of trust – Whether it's with each other, our customers, partners, or other stakeholders we always communicate with openness and trust.
  • We act as responsible owners – Whether it's about the company, a team, a project, or a task, having the freedom to make decisions in our area of responsibility is a crucial driver for us.
  • We share a passion for growth & progress – On every level, we’re motivated by taking on new challenges – even if they seem out of reach. We recognise that we are learning machines and we always seek to action feedback and improve collectively.
  • We set our ambitions high but stay humble – We've come together to build a product and a category that’s never been seen before. While we're an ambitious bunch with lofty goals, we don't approach this goal recklessly.
  • We believe the right team is the key to success – At Chattermill we’ve learned that all our important achievements have been the result of the right people collaborating together – that’s why we need you to apply today!

🌈 Diversity & Inclusion

We want to enable exceptional experiences for everyone, and to achieve this we need everyone’s voice in our team. We are on a mission to bring more diversity into the business in 2023 and to give everyone (from all backgrounds and abilities) a chance to join us, even if they may not fit all of the requirements set out in this job spec.

We realise that some may be hesitant to apply for a role when they don’t meet 100% of the listed requirements – we believe in potential and will happily consider all applications based on the skills and experience you have, we’d love to be part of your growth and we encourage you to apply!

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