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Senior experimental physicist

Lace Lithography

Lace Lithography

Bergen, Norway
Posted on Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Want to be a key part of the quantum future? At Lace Lithography we are looking for a Senior experimental physicist to join the Instrument team in Bergen, Norway. At Lace, we focus on producing a revolutionary chip lithography technology that will dramatically improve chip performance. The company was recently founded, and we are in the process of hiring the core team.

Your job

You will be the senior technical contributor for the experimental team. This includes liaising with the CTO/CEO and the AI & Simulations team, which is based in Barcelona, Spain, in defining the technical roadmap of the company, and being the main hands-on contributor for all laboratory related issues in the company. Ideally you will have a strong experience in and love of the development of state of the art scientific instrumentation.  If you, for example, have designed and built your own Bose Einstein Condensate experiment and enjoyed the process most of the time, you are the kind of person we are looking for. 

Concretely, we expect you to:

  • Lead the development work of the next generation Lace instrumentation. We are expecting you to do a substantial amount of lab work yourself
  • Actively liaising with the AI & Simulations team to define the theoretical problems that need to be solved for optimum experimental instrument performance
  • Actively liaising with the AI & Simulations team to keep all physics-related code sound and consistent with experimental results and experimental limitations
  • Commission the purchase of new equipment and components in collaboration with the lab manager
  • Mentor and guide the junior experimental physicist in the team


  • PhD in experimental physics within a relevant area such as for example (but not limited to) atom optics, bose einstein condensates, atom interferometry or plasma physics
  • At least two years experience in industry or highly competitive research settings (postdoc)
  • Experience with design, construction and building/trouble shooting advanced scientific UHV based instrumentation
  • Demonstrated mentorship (supervision) experience
  • First author publications/patents in your current field


We offer a competitive compensation package including stock incentives. In addition, we offer:

  • Your preferred work station
  • Pension plan, work insurance and travel insurance
  • Monthly stipend of 50€ for sports expenses, promoting a healthy work-life balance.
  • A flexible work arrangement

If you are interested in this offer, simply apply through linkedin or send an email to